Civil Law

Apostolidis A. Vasileios
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– Family

Our law firm handles the full range of family law cases with particular sensitivity and responsibility to the client and the individual. In particular, it specializes in marital disputes, differences in free cohabitation, differences in parent-child relationships and differences in the relationship between spouses, as well as their property disputes.

Indicatively, the law firm specializes in handling all these cases:

  • Issuance of a consensual divorce
  • Divorce issue with dispute
  • Distribution or separation of the joint property of the spouses
  • Any dispute arising from Law 3719/2008 for free cohabitation, as well as disputes arising from Law 4356/2015 for the cohabitation agreement.
  • Recognition of a child, but also an insult to the paternity of a child, or his motherhood
  • Assumption Issues
  • Parenting Communication Issues with a Child
  • Nutrition Issues
  • Cases of domestic violence

– Inheritance

Our lawyers have extensive experience in inheritance management and handling cross-border inheritance law issues. Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Inheritance management (transfer of real estate or other assets, closing of bank accounts)
• Power of attorney
• Issuance of Bequests
• Drafting and Insulting Wills
• Legal Guidance for Acceptance of Inheritance
• Tax Issues
We ensure that our clients understand the legal process and we handle any legal issues in the fastest and most efficient way.

– Labor

Our office has extensive experience in handling labor affairs. Our lawyers systematically provide legal advice across a wide range of labor law issues, such as:

  • Compliance with Greek labor law
  • Labor law issues in the daily operation of the company
  • Termination / termination of employment contracts
  • Insurance contribution issues / employer liability
  • Residence permits for managerial staff
  • Out-of-court settlements

We also systematically represent our clients before the Greek courts and labor inspection committees in disputes regarding:


  • Termination / termination of employment contracts
  • Compensation issues
  • Salary payment claims
  • Unfair competition from former employees

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